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Hamilton Regional Lactation Committee

HRLC Terms of Reference

Mission Statement:

The Hamilton Regional Lactation Committee is a group of health care professionals and interested consumer working to promote, protect and support breastfeeding within the City of Hamilton and adjoining regions.

The Hamilton Regional Lactation Committee is a free-standing group that has no accountability as an entity.  Its members, however, represent their various agencies and therefore, are each accountable to their individual agency.  Members are responsible for reporting the committee’s activities to their agencies.  The goals of the committee may overlap those of an agency which is represented on the committee; however, there may be some differences.  These differences arise from the fact that the committee’s interests are broader than those of any single agency.


  1. To work towards the full implementation of the “10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding” with the goal of establishing a “Baby Friendly Region” thus creating a supportive environment for breastfeeding.
  2. To co-ordinate the dissemination and evaluation of breastfeeding resource materials within hospital and community settings in Hamilton and adjoining regions.
  3. To identify and support research on breastfeeding and facilitate the dissemination of research findings.
  4. To encourage and support research based breastfeeding practices.


Ideally to include representatives from Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation; St. Joseph’s Health Care, Hamilton; City of Hamilton Public Health Department; McMaster University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine; Mohawk McMaster University, School of Nursing; Pediatrician; Family Physician; La Leche League; McMaster Midwifery Program; Area Midwives; Community Consumers; and similar representatives from areas adjoining Hamilton.


Frequency:     Monthly, Sept. to June
Duration:        Two hours
Location:        As arranged


To be taken on a rotating basis by committee members.


To be chosen by committee members and serve for a maximum of two years, with the term ending in September. Responsibilities will include: developing agenda, chairing meetings, maintaining committee files and acting as a contact person for the committee.

About The HRCL Website:

This website is intended as a quick online reference for answering general breastfeeding questions as an alternative to downloading our breastfeeding manual, 'Learning to Breastfeed Your Baby'. It is especially useful for quick reference on a smart phone with a narrow format screen.

This Website does NOT provide specific medical advice and is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Much of this website is based on our publication " Learning to breastfeed your baby" which may be downloaded free of charge from this website.

© Hamilton Regional Lactation Committee, 2007-2018
PD 4910-03/2018

Like the afore mentioned manual, this website is divided up into sections.

  • BREASTFEEDING IS IMPORTANT explains the importance of breastfeeding both for yourself and your baby.
  • LEARNINGTO BREASTFEED is brief overview of breastfeeding your baby.
  • GETTING STARTED contains excellent step by step instructions on how to breastfeed, what to expect, how to know if you baby has a good latch, is hungry or has had enough milk.
    This section also covers Vitamin D supplements, feeding your baby when you are out and taking care of your breasts.
  • CARING FOR YOURSELF covers the question of dieting while breastfeeding, taking medications, sexuality and birth control.
  • MANAGING PROBLEMS covers a variety of issues from sore nipples to concerns about not having enough milk for your baby.
  • FOLLOW-UP CARE, HELP AND SUPPORT outines when your baby should get a checkup, and when and where to get breastfeeding help if you need it.

On this website, we call the baby “he”. We feel this is simpler than writing “he or she” every time.

Additional publications on selected topics can be downloaded from the Resources And Community Links: Other Publications webpage.

Also included are links to resources in the community which you might find helpful, including conferences and events.

You can also order our poster called "The Power of Skin-to-Skin".

If you are looking for information about Breastfeeding where you have NOT given birth
(eg. Adoptions or
Surrogate Mothers),
check out this new section about that topic.